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    Thanks Nik. When I edit a Pair in RAW Power, I notice that the thumbnail Icon in Photos shows that I am viewing a JPEG. Is RAW Power editing the RAW and then replacing the original JPEG with a modified JPEG, or is Photos just displaying the last Icon it used?

    I also notice that when I modify a photo in RAW Power the controls in Photos to Use JPEG or Use RAW as the original (and change the Icon of the photo I am looking at from R to J, or visa versa) seem to stop working. The only way I can get those controls to start working again is to Revert to Original and then I can switch back and forth between R and J again. How do I tell what I am looking at back in Photos when I modify something in RAW Power?

    Maybe I just need to shoot in all RAW or JPEG rather than pairs. Even though the product is called RAW Power, with the ratings and batch capabilities is seems to be a great product too for those who just shoot JPEG.

    Lastly, is there anyway to turn off the “Allow RAW Power” to modify this photo?” message when saving a photo back to Photos?


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