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Erik Brammer

Hi Nik and Bob,

I‘ve come across this thread after I recently made a strange observation upon importing new images to the Photos iCloud library.

Here is my usual workflow concerning my Fujifilm X-Pro2 on my iMac27 2020 running the latest version of Mac OS:
1. Copy the jpgs from the SD card to a folder on the Mac.
2. Use Raw Power to screen them and delete those I don’t like.
3. Download the corresponding raws of the keepers to a different, i.e. parallel folder to the jpg folder.
4. Rename jpgs to a “speaking” name incl. date and event, using the Finder batch rename with index.
5. Rename the corresponding raws using the same naming scheme, of course ending up with the raf Suffix rather than jpg.
6. Drag & drop first only the jpgs into PhotoS to add them to the library.
7. Drag & drop the raws into Photos to add them to the library.
8. Add the jpgs to an album for that event.
9. Add the raws to a raw album per year.

Is my understanding and typical observation correct that this sequence of actions will NOT create raw+jpg pairs? This is what I want as I don’t like raw+jpg pairs.

I recently followed this workflow for images from my Fujifilm X100V. The Apple raw engine doesn’t support the raws from that camera yet, hence I shouldn’t have imported those raws to Photos in the first place. But I apparently did. The interesting bit is that Photos suddenly showed raw+jpg pairs, indicated by the “J“ in the upper right corner. No error message from Photos. Then I wanted to edit a first image in Raw Power, and rightly so Raw Power gave me an error message.

Any idea of how that behaviour can be explained?

And by the way, once the Apple raw engine will support the raws from the X100V and import those raws into the Photos library, can I safely assume Photos will NOT try to match those raws to the already existing jpgs to create raw+jpg pairs? That would be a nightmare for my way of managing assets in Photos.