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Nik Bhatt

Hi regixkn,

Thanks for the feedback and your thoughts on future improvements to the app.

Some of these things are definitely possible (on both Mac and iOS). Some are already on iOS.

The biggest issue right now is that the Mac and iOS versions use different sources of information and those sources have different capabilities.

iOS has full library access, but it is also limited by what Apple provides to developers. For example, keywords, captions, and descriptions are not provided.
The standalone Mac version does not have library access. It can read keywords, etc., but lacks a database to store that information.

iOS shows videos, Mac doesn’t. That was a deliberate decision based on the two data sources, but videos will probably get added to Mac.

Drag and Drop would be a useful feature. It didn’t make this version due to time constraints.

Can RAW Power get along without a real database? Sure. However, some features are difficult to implement or impractical without one.

I have written a blog post on the blog asking people who use / used Aperture what features they feel are most needed in RAW Power. Please vote!

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