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Nik Bhatt

Hi Bob – sorry I didn’t see this message until just now.

JPEGs are shown in the thumbnail strip for performance reasons. Photos will edit the JPEG, while RAW Power will edit the RAW. The next version of RAW Power will have the ability to choose between the RAW or the JPEG.

When you edit the RAW in RAW Power, the original is “locked” into place as the RAW. You are looking at the results of the edit you did in RAW Power. Switching is disabled by Photos because that would change in the starting point of the adjustment data. In addition, if it let you switch to the JPEG, then what would happen to the RAW Power adjustments? Photos has no way to apply the RAW Power adjustments, so it would have to delete them. Any time you are looking at an image in Photos that was edited by RAW Power, you are looking at a JPEG created by RAW Power.

Yes, I agree 😉 The app has many valuable features for JPEG shooters.

Right now there is no way to avoid the Allow RAW Power dialog – it’s displayed by the system), but I’m looking into a way to delay that so that all edits can be written to the library at once (e.g., when the app quits).