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“Do you mean organizing images in folders after you add them, or are you asking to work with folders that are stored on an external disk (“referenced” image, not copied)?”
I am asking to work with folders in files and if they are stored on external disk, referenced image, not copied, it would be great addition which will save disk on iPad, iPhone and will bring more fans also.
Talking about working on LUT’s, if I am tapping again the same Lut, preset, to disable it, to see the original image, this action will close the folder with that Lut. Will be nice to remain open until I am closing it or I am going to another adjustments.
Finally found “cancel” reset in “Tools” near reorder. If they, “reset” and “reorder” are already under the menu button, you can remove them from tools and replace with “perspective” which fits better near “rotates” and “flips”, instead of being in adjustments.
I didn’t found “Halide” getting in my way but after hitting it twice by mistake this action stopped me in a way.
Thank you Nik