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Nik Bhatt


Since the latest major update of RawPower, with ability to work on files, I am using it more and more, although, still waiting to work directly on folders with images instead of adding them on application.

Do you mean organizing images in folders after you add them, or are you asking to work with folders that are stored on an external disk (“referenced” image, not copied)?

So now I’m trying to share some of my findings. Firstly since the 3.02 update, in “files one up view”, I am not able to see which images are raws and which are jpgs. All I can see is the sign of edited or linked images.

You are right. There is a bug where the grid is not showing the file type. I’ll make sure to fix it for the next release.

Another thing which I don’t like is when double tapping for zoom in and out, in both browsing and editing mode, images are going not so smooth, they are much more stepping.

Yes, I have seen something like this too. It was to fix a bug, but it made some things a little worse.

When working with Lut’s, we have two folders with adjustments when tapping on one adjustment second time that folder are going to be close which is odd.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Do you want the LUT folder to remain open as you go from image to image?

At the end I would like to have an cancel edit button instead of denying of accepting changes when iOS are asking me. Not to talk that in files I am not asked about.

Some other people have asked about that. I was thinking of putting something in Tools to cancel editing. It’s hard to put it in the toolbar – there is no room on small screens (like an iPhone SE)

Last question about that: how to directly revert to the original?

You can revert to original two ways: One is to tap Reset in Tools or in the Edit menu. Another is to select the image in the grid and pick Revert to Original from the Batch button at the bottom.

Now talking about Halide camera button, can we have option to disable it from settings at least in iPad?

I guess, do you find it gets in your way?

That being said I would like to thank you very much for your great work.

You are welcome!

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