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Nik Bhatt

A good way to adjust an image is to work in phases.

Phase 1: corrective: noise reduction, over exposure (Boost + Recovery), white balance
Phase 2: enhancement: lighten / deepen, contrast, curves / levels / saturation, sharpen, etc.
Phase 3: creative: vignette, black and white, etc.

That said, crop can be corrective or creative. Curves can be used for over expose and color balance, so it can be in different phases too. Sometimes people start in black and white and work from there. In v3, Auto Enhance is a good way to start because it will apply adjustments that are both corrective and enhancing.

Sharpen is a luminance oriented sharpen. It is not the same as unsharp mask because it will not sharpen color noise. RAW Sharpen is like a capture level sharpen – it’s pretty limited but takes place as part of the decode. Definition is a local contrast type of sharpening.

Currently zoom level cannot be fixed between images. I got that request from another customer recently, so it’s on the list to do at some point. I don’t understand what you mean about the crop box, but you can email a video if you like to

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