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Thanks for the answer. Speed is easily acceptable with just the integrated GPU anyway, so no hurry. Clearly a luxury but, if I splash out and buy one, I’ll do some measurements and let you know. On the software itself can I suggest some guidance on recommended workflow (eg curves or RAW Boost first??) and a bit more information on exactly what the controls are doing (eg is “Sharpen” an Unsharp Mask and how does it differ from RAW Sharpen?). Also, is there currently a way of “fixing” zoom level so consecutive photos display the same value. Also, at least with my hardware, the inheritance of a cropping-box from a copied set of edit values behaves in a strange way, not obeying my first set of corner-drag manipulations unless I first change the length-width ratio. Am I missing something or is it a bug? Looking forward to the next release.