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Erik Brammer

Would be great if that did the trick for those that are still using Aperture.

For what it’s worth, after just a bit of trying, I personally have discarded the idea of using ACDSee as a DAM tool. The basic search functionality such as “show me all images shot with camera X” or “… lens Y” is also available in Apple Photos. If ACDSee generally stores metadata such as keywords, rating etc. in its own, proprietary database and only upon request exports this to XMP sidecar files, Photos can pretty much do the same. So I will rather stick to my current suite of Raw Power, Fuji X-Raw Studio and Apple Photos. Once Raw Power 3.0 is out, I will see whether I will use Photos as the main repository including raw files (and upgrade my iMac and the iCloud storage plan at the same time – finally a valid reason to do so).