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RE: Aperture migration & Conversion to Photos

Hi all, and a special greeting to Nik!

I just read in his posting from September 23 the deplorable fact that Aperture adjustments are no longer (completely) converted in Photos 4.0. I really cannot understand the attitude of some Apple developers (or their superiors) in making decisions just so detrimental to many users. Anyway, how to cope with these bad new, as I have almost one terabyte of referenced Aperture libraries and even more tiff & raw files. Several options came to my mind, all of them either tedious and/or not very satisfactorily:
1) a) Export all the old Aperture versions which where scanned as tiff files and export them with all their metadata as 100% jpegs
Or b) Export those versions as tiff-files (but how to preserve the metadata??? How to create xmp sidecar files with what app??)
If I export the versions of the 50.000 raw files taken since 2008, this would be also a one-lane with hard-baked jpegs.

2) I still have a High Sierra version, where I can boot from. Then under the High Sierra system converting Aperture libraries to Photos libraries. But also many metadata get lost.
But if I understood Nik`s post correctly, the problem will later turn up massively under Mojave when I update the High Sierra Photo library to Mojave?

The only solution seems to be to wait for a RAW POWER 3.0 solution – maybe a front-end to convert all (or most of the important) Aperture adjustments in a way that Photos gets along
with them. Nik, provide me with a conversion program, I am willing to pay a one-time amount even as much as for Capture One! (I know that Capture One could do the job, but one has
to pay yearly for Capture one new versions!).

And finally, looking at the decisions Apple does take, can one trust Photos in the long run? Or may be in the systems following Catalina they will just offer us instead new Emojis and some new dark mode colors instead of features semi-professionals are really looking for?