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Nik Bhatt

Hi Erik,

Using ExifTool to add a GPS location: no effect
Renaming the directory in which the image files are located: no effect
Moving the image files to a different directory: no effect
Using ExifTool to change the file creation date to the image capture date: yes, can affect it

RAW Power uses the following information to create its “signature” that it uses to connect a photo with the sidecar. These are the components of the signature (this all changes in 3.0):

Filename (but not directory)
EXIF data: “PixelWidth”, “PixelHeight”, “Depth”, “DateTimeDigitized”, @”DateTimeOriginal”, “Make”, “Model”, “Orientation”

So if you change any of these properties in EXIF, it will alter the signature and the app will not be able to match the files.

In 3.0, the signature is based on the file name, the ‘inode’ which is the unique ID on the disk, and file system creation time (not EXIF). 3.0 will track a file as it moves on the disk, but not across disks (2.0 tracks across disks, but I have decided this is not as desirable as I first thought).