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Erik Brammer

Hi Nik,

I would like to catch up on the topic discussed above. Today I have come across an issue where I was checking some images which I was sure I had edited with Raw Power, this time SOOC JPGs from my Fuji X-Pro2. No adjustment icon visible in the thumbnails (see below), no adjustments visible when editing the files. I then checked for the .dat files in the sandbox directory that you have mentioned above, and such .dat files exist for the JPGs. It seemed like Raw Power ignored them. I then tried to “open with” –> Raw Power, and Raw Power says “The file you have selected could not be opened. There may be a permissions issue, or it may be damaged in some way.

Now I wonder what could have caused this. After we had the discussion above, I now always rename first and then start editing in Raw Power. Could one of the following actions cause damage to the .dat file or unlinking of it:
– Using ExifTool to add a GPS location
– Using ExifTool to change the file creation date to the image capture date
– Renaming the directory in which the image files are located
– Moving the image files to a different directory

Would you recommend to run a repair of permissions using

diskutil resetUserPermissions / id -u

Or would you mind if I sent you one of these JPGs plus the corresponding .dat file from the sandbox directory?

Best regards,