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Joachim Jundt

Thank you very much, Nik. That are some answers to questions I have put on a mind map. But the more I think about, the more I tend to “skip the app in the middle” (=Photos). Tidying up my main lib already is plenty of work to invest. So far my images were not referenced, just inside the aplibrary container.

Disk space is no issue, there’s still 14 TB free space on a 24 TB drive.

I will try again to find an article about a way to run old apps on a new Mac OS. I know, there will be limits, too. But so far I could not find a well-working way to get library structures and image edits from Aperture into another app. Using Capture One’s “import AA lib” routine would also lead to bad results and at the end, it’s developers were straightforward too stupid or incapable of implementing a decent full text search for album/projects names. So I really don’t want to know how their idea of a DAM materialised. It’s an idea without any proper manual for dummy programmers… Can you imagine? Since the end of Aperture no image managing software calling itself a DAM comes even close to old Aperture’s abilities? It’s really sad.