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Nik Bhatt

1. Are the edits saved in text in the XMP sidecars (like with Darktable, which is fantastic in this respect)? Hence, there are no huge Edited Copy Files created of the original raw files in edited form? I don’t like unnecessary copies of images stored on disk. Just keep the edits in text in the XMP.

Yes. Edits are stored in XMP as plain text.

2. When using with Apple Photos, are the Nitro edits shown in Apple Photos? And if yes, is that only because double the disk space is being consumed in order to keep a full size copy file in the Photos Catalog? Again, as per Question 1, I don’t want that.

Yes they are visible in Photos.
And No. It stores a full size JPEG or HEIF, but not a full size RAW or TIFF. A full size image is required by Apple.

3. When the iOS / iPadOS version of Nitro is out, will it also have the ability to work outside of Apple Photos, just like the Mac version, and work directly on the raw files with XMP sidecars to carry the edits in text form, and no duplicate images? This is partly related to your comment here. Will I then be able to do a lot of iPad editing on Nitro when travelling (for months), all the edits sit in small XMP sidecars with the original raw files, then I get home and simply copy over to Mac the entire folders of original raw files plus small XMP sidecars, and open them in Nitro on Mac and see all the edits?

Yes. You will have to rebuild the preview images that are used in the grid and viewer because the XMP files do not contain that data.

4. Is what I call the “messy” set of conditions still there, where it is hard to wrap one’s head around when Apple Photos shares the original raw file for external editing, and when it sends a JPEG or other less pure option, …is that still there? You once gave a long and convoluted explanation of this, which I *appreciated*, but struggled to keep in mind when it is or is not happening, because it is invisible to the end user. This messiness contributed to my moving on from Raw Power. My fault, but if you can clarify and simply the situation with Nitro, that would be great.

If you want full control over your files, then don’t use Photos. I don’t think Photos has changed how it works with external editors. Nitro has an external editor function but only for files not stored in Photos.

5. Final question: my experience with Raw Power was plagued with crashing. Especially when batching. One case was batching an image edit to a large number (hundreds) of other images. Another case was batching a large number of raw files to an exported format eg JPEG. Can you assure me that those were specific issues that won’t turn up with Nitro too, please?

No, I cannot (and will not) assure you that there will be no such bugs in the app. RAW Power is much better about that than it used to be, but it’s not perfect. Nitro is not perfect either. Massive batch operations on iOS are generally going to be an issue due to the limited memory model on that platform. That said, I try hard to fix those bugs.