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Then I am writing some suggestions if that’s ok. I am relatively new to RAW POWER and liking it so far. But there are some things that might be improved. For example the LUT menu could use some collapsable folders or the ability to organize (+favorits?) the LUTS in some way. The list is getting very long and unorganized if you have lots of LUTS. Maybe a seperate window with previews could also be an idea for the future. I was missing a purple-green correction for chromatic aberration recently. A dehaze function and (film) grain would be nice to have. The vignette tool could be improved with more shapes and maybe presets. The sharpening tool may benefit from more available options and unsharp masks for more control. Focus blur and tilt-shift would be a bonus. With an “edit in” option there would be the way to send pictures to an external editor. A copy/paste adjustments dialog where you can select just the needed settings (instead of all) would be very handy. And the overall performance and the saving times could be a bit more improved. But maybe its just me, I have an older Mac. OK that’s enough for now 😀 . Sorry for the big pile of suggestions. These are just some ideas.

Many thanks