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Hi Nik,

Just an update on this. I’ve been using Raw Power for all my editing since migrating over to Photos on my iPad Pro in July last year. I’ve been working through my image collection to re-edit them all, so have been able to experiment a fair bit, and try different methods.

Overall, it’s proving to be a great decision, Raw Power is doing all I need for my initial processing, seems to have become more stable, and the editing results are giving me images I’m very happy with.

But going back to this query about activating the Raw Processing module, I’m still a little puzzled by the (seemingly) randomness of it, after some observations.

Initially I can see why it may, or may not need to be activated, but after doing a lot of editing, covering a few different cameras, I can see that it might be more useful to be able to activate it for all Raw images.

But, when looking at the sliders on each image (whether activated or not), it’s clear that the base settings can vary quite a bit from image to image. For example, the black point level is different between my Nikon DSLR (level 3.0) and images taken with an iPhone (level 9.0), I also note that the other settings may also vary, probably according to ISO adjustment etc. (all of them can appear at different values) – most usually Luma and Colour Noise can be different, as can Raw Sharpen, and sometimes Moire is different.

Now, I’m just curious, but is this a process that’s part of the Apple Raw Processing engine, that applies some settings according to camera data? or is it a Raw Power process that reads the data and sets accordingly?

In either case, are these actually still applied to the image if the module is not activated? The question there is do I only need to activate the module if I want to change any of those settings.

I had tried turning it on using a preset, so I could batch apply, but that only applies a fixed set of adjustments to all of them (which is actually how I first noticed this happening, as it highlighted the changed adjustment sliders).

And, thank you for an excellent app, it’s the main thing that’s made my switch to the iPad, and to Photos from Lightroom, possible, and almost pleasure.