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Thanks Nik.
I was confused because the app store page indicated that RP worked on ‘this mac’. Somewhere along the line I missed the details about that. It’s great to have the extension but I was rather looking forward to the library management part of RP.
Meanwhile, I think I’ve found a another bug. In the file picker, the photo library will be greyed out and can’t be selected. If one right clicks or two finger taps it and selects ‘rename’ in the drop down it will select the library. Opening that will load the library into the browser window. What gets loaded is, as far as I can tell, the entire ‘resources’ folder within the Photo library—one of the folders you see when you ‘show package contents’ on the photos library. At least it’s any image files in that folder; so the subfolders ‘media’ and ‘proxies’. It’s kind of cool. You can edit images—if you can find what you want 😉 All the basic functions work. You can sort it, filter it etc. which is cool because you can filter it to only show you RAW images, which is really all you’d want on work on with RP anyhow. I’d be interest to know if you can reproduce this on your Mojave install. Anyhow, I though you’d want to know.
By the way, your apps are fabulous. Thanks so much for the care and attention you put into them.

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