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Hi Nik.
First of all I want to thank you for your great and hard work.
Now I must confess that I am new in to the Apple ecosystem, coming from Win and Capture One.
The transition is little bit frustrating, messing around, reading forums for finding a workflow in to this ecosystem. My main concern is how to avoid mixing dsrl pictures with iPhone snaps. But like you said everytime with the power of Raw Power, problem can be solved, and I had decided to give it a try with a small amount of pictures.
At the end, on top of RP edits I think I can make some red eye corrections and some spots removal too.
Captions and keywords can be done in batch in Photos. If the iCloud is the way we have to go and the future for our pictures, … We have nothing to do than give it a try.
But what to do when we have an collection with pictures like 3 TB of data?