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Just following on from your discussion about editing.

I’ve only just started using Raw Power in the last couple of months, since getting my iPad Pro, and deciding to switch to it as my primary computer device. I have owned RP for some time on the iMac, but didn’t find many occasions to use it. So, I have been experimenting a bit with it now, and the integration with Photos has meant I can now consider ditching Lightroom.

After some trying out of stuff, I have come to this as a current solution.

On my Nikon images (D5100 and now D5300), I’m liking the look that the Provia LUT gives. So, as you have done, I have made a preliminary preset as a starting point, which adds a little Raw sharpening for my budget ‘kit’ lenses. I haven’t worked back to older cameras as yet (I have Olympus, Fuji and Panasonic collected over the last few years). The Astia LUT works well on family wedding pictures.

I then apply Auto Enhance, and then work down and tweak as necessary. I prefer the look that the ‘Levels’ option gives, rather than Curves, which I found can sometimes result in a colour balance I don’t like, the Levels option seems to give more constantly neutral results.

I’m now able to edit images as fast as I did in Lightroom, with equally good, or better, results.

The Sharpen module is very deceiving too, for such a simple adjustment, it works brilliantly well for most images, and seems quite forgiving in how much you can apply.

The only thing I’d like to be able to do in a preset is to turn on the Raw module, without applying fixed settings, but allow it to apply any camera default settings it finds – such as the Luma and Chroma noise settings, which can change dependent on ISO).