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It’s not so much the Pencil operation per se’, it’s the operation of a few of the sliders. Particularly Saturation and Vibrancy, the amount of effect applied does not very progressive, so only a very small amount of movement results in too much effect being applied. Actually, now I’ve just gone off and retested, it seems to the the ‘Basics’ panel that suffers with this most, all the rest are really nice and progressive, but the sliders in the ‘Basics’ panel do seem to apply effect quite aggressively. It means that it’s very difficult to get an accurate adjustment point if you only need to add a subtle effect.

All I meant was that this can be eased by using the slowdown technique, but shouldn’t be something I need to use for every adjustment on those sliders. The comment I was making is that the slowdown technique does seem fiddly to use when using a Pencil, as you say, the slide down then across, but I don’t mind that if I didn’t need to use it as much on those sliders. I think that’s maybe part of the nature of the Pencil operation, and me getting more practice using it to some extent.

If I may, sorry, while we’re talking about the Pencil, I also find the centre ‘decent’ position, that has a pause when you go near it, is also quite tricky when using the Pencil, it is too willing to grab the slider spot, and is then fiddly to get moving again (again, eased by using the slowdown technique).

Apart from that, this is an excellent photo app, and I thank you for the great work you’ve done to produce it.