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Interesting stuff. I was going to post a related query regarding the sliders, but this seems similar in context perhaps.

Having done quite a few edits now, I have been finding that some sliders seem to be a bit aggressive (perhaps too sensitive might be a better description).

Most are fine, and operate in an expected fashion. But some, particularly saturation and vibrancy, seem to need very fine control to get a sensible amount of effect applied – I’m often ending up at 0.08 or something similar. I wonder if they might need a reverse modifier to switch between slow/fast application of the effect.

I’ve also noticed that they can suffer with lag after editing about 20-30 images. Is this expected? A result of clogging up caches perhaps? If I force quit and relaunch it’s fine again for another 20-30 images. Again this seems to affect some sliders more than others.