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Erik Brammer

Hi Nik,

today I encountered a strange thing with RAW Power 3.0.4 running on my iMac 27″ 2020 on Mac OS 10.15.6. I had edited 7 jpgs in an Album in my iCloud Photo Library, then selected those 7 images to export jpgs versions with the adjustments done into my photo archive. I selected these images in the film strip, right-clicked for the context menu, selected Export, and then the error message came up saying “RAW Power can only export images at this time. There are no images selected for export.” But there was nothing but those 7 jpgs in the film strip. I will email you a screen shot.

I think I have identified a certain behavior: When I select the images in the film strip by expanding a rectangle over those images using the mouse, then select export, I get the error message. If, however, I select a first images, then shift-click the last image to create the selection, export works fine.

Just wanted to share this here in case someone comes across that same error and needs a workaround.

Best regards,