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Thanks for looking into this!

In answer to your questions:
1. Yes, the task toolbar icon does return to an empty circle when the initial export is complete (and shows a pie chart whilst the export is taking place)
2. I see a spinner.
3. I haven’t noticed any useful pattern. The issue has been ongoing for some time now, and I have experimented with several options: 1st export with many files, 1st export with just one file, ditto with 2nd export, various combinations of 1st and 2nd export being freshly edited – edited some time previously but since the application was last opened – not edited since the application was opened. None of these seem to have an effect. Yet the 2nd export regularly gets stuck, but will export instantaneously if I close down the programme and reopen it.

I’m working on files from a Canon 100d, so max 18mp, or a Canon 450d – so not particularly large files.

Thanks for your help,